President Message ( COMMITTEE 2017 ~ 2019 )

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Date: 09 April 2017

Message from President

Assalamualaykum / Peace and Mercy of Almighty be upon you.

It is my greatest honor and pleasure to take the opportunity to thanks each and every one of our beloved DMEABS Members / Brothers for providing us greatest support during election process. The election process is a system under the constitution which is a democratic way to choose right person. Members have chosen their right candidates to serve for next 2 years and we are more than happy to work for our beloved Organization DMEABS. Hope all of us will have similar support throughout our Journey for next 2 years so as to achieve ultimate objective of DMEABS.

We trust and believe that the unity and mutual respects are the key to success for an Organization. We urge all of us shall not be divided, differentiate among those who have passed out from our greatest and unique BIMT and have mutual respect among each other. We will work together for better unity among ourselves to move forward and acquire a successful Organization.

Without getting each and everyone’s support, the committee alone itself is a handicap. No committee alone can stand and do much thing without general members’ support. General members are the power source where EC is like a distribution box of the power. Thus, the general members are most important for the Organization and the EC is to execute organisational plan/objective as per constitution. So, we hope all of our DMEABS members know there role and responsibility and do their best to bring DMEABS to next higher level.

On behalf of DMEABS new elected EC, I am grateful to all previous EC teams as well as founder members of DMEABS. We are thankful and appreciate for their help, dedication and great effort to bring DMEABS at this stage. We believe, we still need their continuous support, guidance and expertise advise to run DMEABS smoothly.

We (new EC), would like to assure you of our continuous assistance throughout the journey to provide best service and bring up DMEABS to it’s next level. Nevertheless, we still would like to urge all of you to support us and help us to make DMEABS best Organization and create a peaceful environment within. Wish all the best for all member as well as for DMEABS.

Mohammed Osman Haider
DME, 15th Intake
HP: 93207152, Email: mdosman78bd@gmail.com

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